4th April 2018

5 minute think

“Is love an invention created by humans?”

I think love is a concept that humans have thought up more than an invention. In the rest of the animal kingdom, only some animals have a life partner. Most species have a season when they find someone to mate with, but that is just because of instinct and they may not be together for more than one season. Some creatures even eat each other after mating. Even domestics dogs and cats will breed off a one or two-night stand. The idea of ‘love’ as we know it is just something we have created to make reproducing sound more meaningful.

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  1. I like your idea and I agree. I also like how you how you put cool we facts and exsamples.

  2. I like your use of examples and how you used multiple situations in the animal kingdom.

  3. I really like your examples used to support your idea. Like with animals and how not all are committed.


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