Under the murky pale blue sky lies a small farm. At the bottom of the old weather-worn fence posts of the round pen, the packed dirt spreads the farm, meeting with a grassy lawn just off from the buildings. On top of this dusty ground wooden walls rise up to meet the thatching that is […]

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but what if you weren’t allowed to be married. If you define yourself as LGBTQ+ getting married will be really hard if not impossible in most countries. Only a handful of countries worldwide have legalized same-sex marriage. There are people all over the world […]

“O God, I have an ill-divining soul!” – Juliet A3 S5 L54 When Juliet says this I think it means…  She has realised that she has an evil soul and bad things are destined to happen to her. “ill-divining” – evil                                    […]

“Is love an invention created by humans?” I think love is a concept that humans have thought up more than an invention. In the rest of the animal kingdom, only some animals have a life partner. Most species have a season when they find someone to mate with, but that is just because of instinct and […]

These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume. violent = intense, rough, dangerous, passionate, sudden. delights = joy, happiness triumph = win fire = fire,heat powder = gunpowder kiss = kiss or be together consume = explode. So I think this quote basically […]

Nay, I am the very pink of courtesy. This translates to – Yes, I am the pink flower—the master, of courtesy and manners. I like this quote because it seems almost out of place in all their joking around but somehow also seems to fit.

Switch and spurs, switch and spurs, or I’ll cry a match. This translates to – Keep going, keep going, or I’ll declare myself the winner. I think Romeo said this because he was either regretting still joking with the boys or he wanted to keep talking with them and they were getting sick of the joke.

Is a white sheet of paper more blank than a blank sheet of paper? I think a white piece of paper is more blank than a white piece of paper. To make the paper white it is bleached. To make a piece of paper black you would need to dye it. The amount of dye it […]

“…they stumble that run fast.” I think Friar Lawrence is trying to get Romeo to understand that he needs to take a step back and look at his situation before marrying Juliet. Romeo was also deeply in love with Rosaline until he met Juliet. I think it also refers to how fast he changed between […]

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